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Bat's Day has come & gone. If we took your Photo during the Pre 8pm Mansion Line Up, click photos above and the first album is what you want. The photos are right clickable for you!

This site is under some construction. It will be back to it's usual form soon. Video has also been taken down as audio on "The Strange Girls" was disabled and "The House" video was disabled on for Third Party Copywrite reasons.

What's an "Amazing Cemetery Crawl"? Check the review page to find out.

We would like to organize a "Great Grave Race". Please email us if you want more info or want to help.

A year off! That's Right...Phobia productions will be taking a year off from their own haunt. Last year was so busy fo us that we were exhausted and really sick by the time the haunt was down. But we may just pop up at a haunt near you!

Bat's Day & Black Market are all over. We were in the first 200 people for the mansion photos but sadly tha mansion was down as it ahd been off & on all day. The Matterhorn & Monorail were also having trouble throughout the day as well. But click the photo link to see the photos we did take.

This year, Phobia Productions will be reporting on everything we see & do that we think you need to know about. Also...Phobia Productions "Stangers" bios will begin appearing. Get to know your stranger !

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Phobia Productions wants to hear from you! If you go somewhere or see something you think everyone needs to know about; send us a write up here.

For Dave Lytle's memorial page, click here. And even though it's not Halloween, you can still donate to the charities we support. Click Here.